Join the FFCON Altcoin Trading Challenge (Now LIVE)

Interested in Crypto?

Trade, learn, and win crypto in a safe simulated environment

Ever wondered what it would be like to compete directly with 750 or so new acquaintances in a crypto trading competition? Whether you are a seasoned crypto advocate, hodler or reluctant beginner, you can roll up your sleaves and compete. No capital at risk, no sleepless nights, no anxiety.

We’ve partnered with FFCON20: RISE to bring you the FFCON Altcoin Trading Challenge. Sign up, start trading and get an understanding of how cryptocurrency trading works, all while competing for prizes…and bragging rights. Don’t know how to trade? Well, you can start learning with the Altcoin Fantasy Trading Challenge, all you have to do is sign up to get started. It’s free to join this innovative simulated trading environment.

You ready? Put your game face on.

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How to Play


Use your fantasy portfolio dollars and pick cryptocurrencies to invest in. Use our tools and resources to learn about each coin, read news about the coins and check their performance using our charts.


Check back during the contest period to see how you stack up in the leaderboard. See what the top players are trading and learn from their strategies. Adjust your crypto portfolio and keep checking back to see if you should buy, sell or HODL (Hold On For Dear Life).


Finish as one of our top players and you’ll win awesome prizes. Get rewards just by participating in our contests and logging on daily!
How does the Altcoin Trading Challenge work?
Registered players are allocated a virtual USD account to be used to develop a cryptocurrency portfolio. Players can choose which eligible cryptocurrencies and how much of each to buy, up to their virtual account limit. During the competition, players can adjust their portfolio by buying and selling at different times based on the prices of the cryptocurrencies that they hold in their portfolio. The goal is to generate the highest gains possible in their portfolio while developing valuable trading skills.
What's the criteria for winning the competition?
Participants who build the most profitable portfolio by buying and selling cryptocurrencies using their virtual account will win prizes from our sponsors. Players are ranked according to the performance of their virtual cryptocurrency portfolio.
What are the prizes and how do I claim them?

Participants in the FFCON Altcoin Trading Challenge are competing to win great prizes such as cash, FFCON20 tickets, speaking opportunity and in-kind perks and services from partners.  Visit the Altcoin Fantasy for more information.

Is there a discount code to attend FFCON20 digital taking place from Jul 9 - Aug 27?

YES!  NCFA, TFI, Altcoin Fantasy and all conference partners and attendees look forward to seeing you at FFCON20:  RISE conference and expo taking place ONLINE from Jul 9 – Aug 27.   All verified participants of the Altcoin Trading Challenge get a special 30% off if you register on or before June 30.  See you there!

Does this competition cost anything to join?
This competition is completely free to join! All you have to do is register to get started. Our amazing sponsors have come together to sponsor all the prizes so that more people can learn about cryptocurrencies in a risk-free, fun and approachable way.
Who is Altcoin Fantasy?

FFCON20 has partnered with Altcoin Fantasty to run this year’s exciting Altcoin Trading Challenge. 

Altcoin Fantasy is a crypto trading simulation platform that helps you learn about cryptocurrencies and trading in a fun, safe, risk-free environment. Players participate in fantasy trading competitions where they can buy and sell cryptocurrencies to develop trading skills while learning how to grow profits. At the end of each competition, players with the biggest portfolio gains win prizes.