Join us at FFCON20 Digital at the center of fintech in Canada (Jul 9 – Aug 27)

FFCON started as a vision of how entrepreneurs and big businesses could collaborate, build relationships and advocate for change on their behalf.  In its 6th year, FFCON represents an expanded gathering of stakeholders and global participants across finance, technology, regulation and government who come together to strengthen Canada’s fintech ecosystem and bring markets to life.

This year, FFCON20 DIGITAL will be delivered via virtual conference experience offering participants global access to in depth education and insights, access to expert advice and change makers and we have some incredible sessions lined up covering the latest Fintech, leadership and debate topics featuring 100+ speakers, 60+ sessions and 6+ pitching/demo Fintech Draft finalistsView the full 8 week agenda


Digital Venue and Interactive Platform

Welcome to the ‘new normal’ of Digital Conferences which can be just as impactful as large in-person events without the risk of CV-19!  Most of us in the fintech ecosystem are already fully immersed digitally, so let’s take the ‘bull by the horns’ and make this transition incredible for all. FFCON20 is using Pheedloop virtual conference platform software and the event will be produced by our partner, eThereLive, experts in online video production. All registered attendees will receive online event link(s) and be on-boarded into the Pheedloop platform allowing them to update their profile and network virtually with integrated online text and video chat and more!

Benefits of digital programs:

  • Affordable and inclusive ticket prices;
  • Increased global participation due to reduced travel expenses;
  • Attendees may customize their own program and participation in polling, Q&A, chat rooms;
  • Network, communicate, and file share both naturally and easily;
  • Access to all digital content to watch replies or what you missed at your convenience;
  • Digital programs are online social and new platforms foster one to one meetings and networking.

FFCON20 Week 8:  JOIN US!

FINAL WEEK --> Aug 27, 2020

Fintech Draft Pitch & Demo Competition Finals + FFCON20 RISE Close

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Connect with Fintech Investors and Companies

Online Event Series:  8 Curated Weekly Themes Delivered over 2+ Hour Sessions Every Thursday at 2pm EDT from July 9 – Aug 27

Curated expert speakers share a rich repository of thinking and perspectives resulting in a cross-pollination of ideas and mind expanding thoughts to transform your business.  Enjoy engaging presentation formats and debates as relevant discussions break-down the latest industry topics and challenges from a holistic perspective.  View the agenda here

Curated interactive discussions and keynote fireside interviews with distinguished entrepreneurs, investors, industry leaders and regulators

Founder share, curated meetings and an opportunity to connect one-to-one with like-minded peers and experts that can provide insight as you explore new ideas and thinking on various topics.  Now imagine being a part of those discussions.  This is a unique, once a year, opportunity to engage with so many stakeholders that can transform your business including founders and investors from fintech, blockchain, crypto, payments, regtech, social finance, DeFi, AI/ML, emerging fintech, and alternative finance sectors.

Several FFCON20 Speakers Have New Books Available!

We have great thought leaders and authors that will be speaking at FFCON20 (also some prizes!) Check these out and stay at the forefront of digital change in financial services.

  1. The Technological Revolution in Financial Services by Michael King and Richard Nesbitt (Speaking JULY 9)
  2. Friction by Roger Dooley (Speaking JULY 16)
  3. Financial Services Revolution by Alex Tapscott (Speaking JULY 16)
  4. Doing Digital by Chris Skinner (Speaking JULY 23)

Fintech Draft Companies

2020 Fintech Draft Competitions

Inspired by sports league drafts, the inaugural FFCON20 annual Fintech Draft is designed to identify and feature emerging and high growth fintech startups and scaleups. Qualifying Fintech Draft participants will be featured and reviewed by expert fintech scouts, and will compete in one of two (2) Fintech Draft competitions:  Pitching and Product Demo.

Qualifying Draft finalists compete live at FFCON20: RISE between July 9 – August 27, 2020 for exposure and prizes including promotion to investors, media, prospective buyers and partners.  Get Drafted Today!

The RISE Expo:  eBooths

Interested in connecting with emerging fintech companies as a mentor, investor, or job opportunity?  Look no further than the RISE Expo at FFCON, a perfect place to connect growing businesses looking for exposure with market participants, customer prospects and partner leads.

For companies looking for branding and exposure, the FFCON20 RISE Expo has a great low cost exhibitor opportunity to increase the profile your business.   Meet prospects such as a mentor or that next key employee and showcase new products and financial innovations.

Did you know we have special tickets for exhibitors?

Prime networking with peers, experienced stakeholders and a cross pollination of ideas

Want to know what the regulators have brewing or how a certain government official interprets the evolution of technology in finance? Or maybe you are interested in how a leading entrepreneur developed a groundbreaking business.  FFCON provides unparalleled access across sectors and is inclusive to all stakeholders, new and underserviced voices, industry professionals and technologists. The objective is to bring together an expansive group of experts and facilitate creative energy, spark conversations and new thinking that can lead to a breakthrough and help your company and the industry grow.

Join the FFCON Altcoin Trading Challenge!

Want to learn about crypto trading without taking on any of the risk? Courtesy of our partner Altcoin Fantasy, FFCON 20 will feature an altcoin trading simulation challenge to help you experience cryptocurrencies and digital assets in a fun and risk-free way.  Trading challenge winners will receive amazing prizes from our sponsors!

Interested in trying crypto without the risk?